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Remote Support

Remote support is a method of troubleshooting software related problems using remote desktop connections over the internet. With your cooperation, I can remotely access and control your computer from almost anywhere, any time. Once connected I can transfer or download various diagnostic and repair applications to your computer, install antivirus programs, run scans, and troubleshoot virtually any issues. Common repairs with online computer support are virus and spyware removal, computer optimization, registry repair, device driver issues, web related issues, and system security updates. Only software can be "repaired" remotely. A computer with a broken hardware component (such as a motherboard or hard disk) can, in some cases, be diagnosed and worked around but must be repaired or replaced while co-located with the defective hardware.

If you are interested in receiving remote support just contact me to arrange an appointment and I will provide you with instructions on how to setup the TeamViewer remote control tool. Once the application has been installed, the remote control tool will automatically launch and you will need to provide your ID and password so that I can access your computer. This password will change each time the remote control tool is launched for enhanced security/privacy and to protect your personal property. Once the login information and initial payment have been received I will start the remote support on your computer. Secure payments can easily be made via eTransfer or I also accept credit cards through PayPal.me.

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