Remote Support: Remote support is a method of troubleshooting software related problems using remote desktop connections over the internet. With your cooperation, I can remotely access and control your computer from almost Mobile Tech Support: Dedicated to providing you with quality tech support, I offer a variety of mobile based technical support services on Vancouver Island and international Remote Support. Whatever the issue, at almost Data Recovery: Do you have an old computer that won't start up, a CD or DVD that will not read in your player, or maybe you deleted pictures from a memory card; Web Design: Your website is the gateway to your business and online presence. A well designed website immediately inspires trust to the viewer, potential client or customer. Specializing in Content Management Systems Secure Recycling and Disposal: Donate your computer-related equipment, new or old, working or not, free of charge. Your old computer equipment may be refurbished or reused and put back in the community: to volunteers, Audio / Video: My services are not just exclusive to computers and peripherals, I also provide extensive audio and video services. Whether you need to setup and configure your home theatre for optimized Maintenance Services: I offer routine maintenance packages for small businesses and home users as well. When you sign up for this service I will schedule an appointment to come on site monthly, Security Systems: Security camera system installations are becoming increasingly common in both homes and businesses and can vary in their quality and price. I will guide you through the various camera systems

Audio / Video

My services are not just exclusive to computers and peripherals, I also provide extensive audio and video services. Whether you need to setup and configure your home theatre for optimized sights and sounds, convert analog tape (Cassettes/VHS) to digital formats, set up a home based recording studio or podcast, audio and video editing; I can help you out with all of that too. Contact me for more detailed information about my Audio/Video services.

Recommended for personal mementos only. These processes are time consuming and can get expensive, therefore, I will often suggest other options that are easier on your wallet.

Audio Transfer

Do you want to convert an analog cassette to CD, tape to CD, vinyl record LP to CD, or any other type of audio transfer to CD, WAV or Mp3? I can transfer a wide range of audio using specialized equipment to give you the best possible quality. However, if you have a rare, old cassette of "Simone Dina, Live at The Peggy Neville Show" that you would like to transfer. My first recommendation is to search a reputable online merchant, such as Amazon, Ebay, iTunes, CD Baby, Bandcamp, etc. These will be your most cost effective options.

Video Transfer

Take advantage of my video to DVD and video transfer to hard drive services. I have the best technology and know-how to transfer all of your video tapes to DVD. Compatibility guaranteed so you’ll never worry about DVDs not playing in your home DVD player or computer. With every order, I can crop out any blank footage found at the beginning and end your tapes. I also provide additional basic editing to all of my video to DVD transfer services. Add an extra touch to your finished DVD by taking advantage of some simple basic edits.

Audio & Video Editing

With basic editing I can crop out as much unwanted footage as you wish from your audio or video tapes. This is especially helpful if you have long running tapes with only a few sections you’d like transferred to your final copy. My editing service will allow you to pull any amount of footage from your audio or video tapes and consolidate them onto one CD, DVD or digital storage device for easy access. Have you ever wanted to combine your tapes with other media? I can actually take your video tapes and combine them with audio, photos, slides, negatives, and film to give a much more professional look to your final DVD. Contact me for more information on what I can edit for you.

All inclusive interactive DVD media packages are generally 500+. Serious inquiries only.


If you would like, I can even post those videos transfers directly to your YouTube Channel so that you can share them with friends across the globe. If you do not currently have a YouTube account, I will gladly setup a new channel and show you the ropes on how to use it.

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